Private, tailored programmes - designed for your priorities and needs

We customise specific programmes for many New Zealand organisations - from short ‘in-house’ courses for employee groups, to executive education, or creating workshops within your existing programmes or events. Whatever training goal your business (or industry group) wants to achieve - we’ve got the people, structures and tools to reach it efficiently - and effectively.

In all cases, an experienced Programme Advisor will help you decide the programme’s content, structure and environment - working with the ideal course presenter, and your organisation’s leadership team.

Our custom programs

Combine different learning experiences - from ‘teaching content’, to collaborative workshops, guest speakers, and remote or interactive e-learning as required.

Are led by a programme director from our team - with contributions from relevant experts, senior practitioners, and leaders - from industry, or from your own organisation.

Make upskilling simpler - combining flexible course structures with effective learning support - through face-to-face discussions, support and resources that help maximise your team’s ability to complete - and succeed.

Involve 4 to 10 ‘face to face’ days - structured to suit you, from intensive one-week courses to half or full day sessions split over several weeks or months.

Tailor private customised courses to your business needs

We can build specific programmes for organisations, executive teams or staff groups - with content and structures shaped by your capability priorities, and practical requirements.

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