What is a digital badge?

3 April, 2024

Digital badges acknowledge and validate your new skills, knowledge and expertise in a way to that is useful to you and your career. That's why when you complete a short course, micro-credential, or programme with Kāpuhipuhi we now issue both digital badges and certificates. All of our badges can be found here.

A badge is a digital representation of a skill, achievement, or completion of a specific training or educational programme. Badges tell whoever is looking at them that you completed high-quality learning or gained competency in a particular area. When you complete one of our micro-credentials it will also contain the earned points or credits and the level on the New Zealand Qualifications and Credentials Framework (NZQCF).

What's the difference between a digital badge and a certificate?

Our digital badges are embedded with metadata that provides useful information about the badge. This includes information about us as the issuing organization, the criteria for earning it, and the skills or knowledge demonstrated. 

Benefits for your career development 

  1. Portable and Sharable Online Credentials: display your online credentials that can be easily shared and displayed across various digital platforms, including LinkedIn and on your CV. 
  1. Verification: Embedded metadata provides a potential employer or recruiter a way to verify the authenticity of the learning.  
  1. Granular Recognition: Show specific skills, knowledge areas or achievements, giving more detail about your capabilities compared to a traditional certification. 
  1. Issuer Credibility: Our badges, linked to Victoria University of Wellington, are issued by a recognised and reputable organisation. 
  1. Lifelong Learning: You can continually update and expand your professional skills and keep track of your learning.  Learning pathways can be tracked with digital badges so you can continue to grow your skills.

What's next?

Once you complete a course with us you don't need to do anything else. You'll automatically receive both a certificate and digital badge. You can find all you need to know about what you'll learn on all courses, and the workload and any assessment, on all our individual course pages.

Digital badges offer a flexible and dynamic way to recognize, validate, and communicate your professional development achievements in the digital age. You can be confident that all Kāpuhipuhi digital badges are verified by Victoria University of Wellington.

Learning recognition through micro-credential and digital badges can play a critical role as part of any organisation or industry member body's learning framework.

Email or call (022 563 6561) our General Manager Programme, Tania McGowan, to find out more.