The Plain Language Act 2022

21 December, 2022

What does it mean for you?

The Plain Language Act requires government departments and agencies to use plain language when writing to the public.

Our Facilitator, Simon Hertnon, knows all you need to know about crafting clear, concise and compelling writing. Simon has taught and consulted in this field for over 20 years. Simon has detailed clearly:

  • what the Plain Language Act is about
  • what it requires and who it impacts
  • why it matters to you
  • how the Act will be implemented

Why does it matter?

The Plain Language Act matters because the comprehensibility and accessibility of all information matters. Particularly information coming from public servants to the public they are employed to serve. The Act also matters because clear communication is integral to the cost-effective provision of any service. Information that is unclear, overly long, or poorly organised creates unnecessary cost, confusion, and distraction.

We're sure you can think of times this has impacted you, whether producing information or trying to understand it.

The team from the Public Service Commission consulted Simon and Lynda Harris (from Write) for help drafting implementation guidlines. This will go out to the 69 reporting agencies to comply with the Plain Language Act.

You can read more here.

Business and Government Writing Essentials

Fortunately, Simon has discovered from many years of teaching plain language skills to public servants, it is not difficult to show how 'clear, concise, and well organised' information delivers more value for less cost than unclear, verbose, poorly-organised information.

If you're ready to get a head start on your colleagues in the public sector Simon's 2023 dates for Business and Government Writing Essentials: Clear Concise Compelling are open for registrations.

If you want to start planning in more detail how to grow this capability across your organisation contact our General Manager Programmes, Tania McGowan: As well as our public courses we can deliver private tailored courses for your teams, at our pace or yours.